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Astronomical Affairs

stargazer, surreal night sky, surreal oil painting, surreal art, man stands alone, man in the universe, the collective unconscious

This recent painting, “Underlying Patterns” reminded us of how often we miss celestial events.  We found a couple websites with a list of upcoming astronomical events you might want to turn your eye up to the sky for.  Check them out:


Where is your boat taking you?

New Direction surreal oil painting, floating boat, compass rose sails, navigation

“Kind of Blue” & Some Music Too…

"Kind of Blue" 36x48" Surreal Painting Oil on Canvas

“Kind of Blue”
Oil on Canvas

New paintings are now available and listed on our website. Which ones would you like to see be made into prints?

We’d also like to share this hauntingly beautiful song by cellist, Adam Hurst.  We think it fits quite nicely with this particular painting, don’t you? Click here to listen.
Jim & Lynn Lemyre

Dogwood Festival

booth shot Last weekend we had the pleasure of showing our work at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in Georgia.  The weather was a bit intimidating at first but the ducks seemed to enjoy it.  The artists..not so much.  It did turn out to be a lovely weekend after the downpour.

image4 image1 image2


Name That Color

tree figure, surreal painting, surrealism, tree man

When we’re driving in a car, we often play a game called “Name That Color”.

Here’s how you play: You see an interesting color out the window and you have to analyze which pigments in an artist’s palette you would mix together to make that color. The other person playing has to agree, or suggest a different pigment to make that color. Everybody wins!

For example: The sky in the painting “Late in the Day” was based on colors of the sky we saw in Jamestown, Rhode Island during the Summer of 2014. The upper sky is made of white, cobalt blue, and pthalo blue. The lower sky consists of cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, and white.

“Flying Dream 143”

dream, surreal, dreamscape, flying dream, surrealism, surreal dream, flyer, bed

The most common dream that I have that ends up in a painting is a dream of flying. This is always accompanied by a feeling of adrenaline and is enjoyable. I usually take flight over a landscape, fields with some trees and occasionally it takes place off of a street in some unknown town. There have been several paintings and interpretations of these flight dreams.

“A Different Kind of Dreamer” depicts our daughter, Julia, flying in one of these landscapes of the imagination.

Fun Fact: As graceful as this flyer seems, in order to capture the essence of flight, Julia had to jump off a chair in our backyard.  This was done several times until we caught the right angle for the picture.  Must have been a funny sight for our neighbors.

Check out this lovely little ditty called “Flying Dream 143” by Elbow:

In Honor of World Book Day…


Books are an important source of inspiration.  Neil Gaiman (one of our favorite authors) even said:

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”

We just wanted to share with you a couple books that we have read, or that we are planning to read.  A few are there as general reference we use when thinking about ideas for paintings, such as Carl Jung’s “Man and his Symbols”.  While others are there to help guide us in mindful living (Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Present Moment, Wonderful Moment”). “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” was recently read by Julia and she only has wonderful things to say about it.  How can you not love a book about books and bookstores?

What book has been in your hands lately?  We always love a good read and a good referral!