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Focusing on the details

The Lakefront Festival of Art is held on the grounds of the Milwaukee Museum of Art, whose motto is, “Where Art Lives”.  Well, we practically lived there for three days (crazy long show hours) and had free access to its first rate collection the whole time.  What a treat to be able to have the time to really study a painting, then come back and look at it again and see it anew, or discover a theme that runs through the collection.   There was time to really look at the details in the paintings.  Interesting how different artists depict the ground beneath our feet and how styles, over time, evolve and then seem to go full circle.

Beneath the feet of the Madonna, Flemish 15th century.

Beneath the feet of a Woodgatherer, 1881, Jules Bastien-Lepage

Beneath the feet of farmers in a wheat field, 1906, Maurice de Vlaminck

Delaware Water Gap, 1966, Jack Savitsky

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Posted by Jim and Lynn Lemyre on July 25, 2010

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