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Setting the Stage

We have always tried to create worlds within the confines of the canvas and frame, hopefully where your imagination could cross over and play. Thresholds, doorways and windows have been recurring themes in our work so it was just a small step further to explore the theme of theater.

A stage is a space for players. Actors seem to have managed to retain the ability to pretend that is so easily lost in the process of growing up and becoming “responsible”, “mature” and “serious”. We all remember pretending though, and miss it. That’s why we all love movies and the theater so much. We can lose ourselves in the story that is happening on that screen or on that stage. Well, the canvas is both our screen and our stage. Our characters, whether boat, man, woman, animal, cloud or piece of fruit, are placed there and it’s the moment before the curtain rises or you hit the play button on your remote control. It is a moment with great potential, because there are as many stories to be played out as there are people to look and imagine them. There is no set script.

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Posted by Jim and Lynn Lemyre on January 14, 2011

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