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Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend our reception for “Theaters of Dreams” last Saturday.  It was great getting everyone’s feedback on our new work before we take it out into the world on our annual summer tour.  This was the first time we’ve worked on a body of work with a central theme.  It’s something we plan to do more of in the future.

Our visitors and the performers of Absinthe Heroes really brought our  theater vision to life.  Stay tuned, because we’re planning another event that will be a combination of our artwork, music, poetry and performance.


Little Stages and a Really Big Stage

As part of our “Theaters of Dreams” show, we have a performance of a Steampunk rock opera,written by our friend Jeff Mach.

We built a proscenium for the stage that matches the frames on our new work. The plan is for this to be somehow incorporated into our booth for this year.