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All Epic Journeys Begin With A Good List

Just days to go before we leave on our trip to the Bayou City Arts Festival in Houston Texas.  Oh the craziness of trying to get everything together for an extended business trip.  Getting all the paintings finished.  Framing said paintings.  Making sure we have all the show paperwork together, sales tax information, guidebooks, directions (thank goodness for GPS navigation and the iphone 4), music, audiobooks, art supplies.   It’s basically coordinating a series of lists.

This is what we bring on our long distance trips to keep ourselves occupied:

Ipod, loaded with our latest musical favorites and audiobooks.

For this trip it’s:

“Voodoo Dreams” Jewell Rhodes (set in New Orleans)

“Atlas Shrugged”   Ayn Rand

Takk  – Sigur Ros

Blush Music – Wovenhand

At the Carnival Eclectique – The Gypsy Nomads

Hello Starling – Josh Ritter

Heligoland – Massive Attack

The Owl & The Elephant – Shayfer James

One Quiet Night – Pat Metheny

Art Supplies – for on the go capturing of ideas, inspirations, colors and working on the road.

Supplies we take on the road with us

Soltek Easel and oil paints



matte medium


portable brushes

Winsor Newton portable watercolor set

mini mister

water brush

mechanical pencil and leads

really cool mechanical colored pencil made by pentel

Staedtler pigment liners

black gel pen

white gel pen

graphite stick

pencil sharpener

pentel pocket brush pen

glue stick


small metal ruler

Xacto retractable blade knife

Amazing Mold Putty

Food – In order to cut expenses and increase the likelihood of healthy eating, we pack a cooler full of the essentials (basically our “stuck on a desert island” food is the same as our “stuck in a van for days” food:

Nuts (cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts & )

Cheese (nice hard ones that hold up to travel)




Peanut Butter & Jelly


Water (and lots of it)

Wine ( a nice thin and spicy red)

Coffee – hotel coffee stinks, so we bring along Starbucks instant coffee, which does not stink.

Cheetos…yes, Cheetos. They’re not even remotely healthy, but we’re being honest here.