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We’re not in Kansas or where do ideas for paintings come from?



A very common question we get is “Where do the ideas for your paintings come from?”  Our usual answer is a bit vague; dreams, imagination, conversations, serendipity and possibly most importantly, sheer accident.

The fact is, that each painting comes from its own set of unique circumstances.  There is no one recipe. 

Here is one version though:

1. Friend sends you a cool image of a stormy sky.  Add to ridiculously big collection of images of skies and clouds. 


2. Yard sale find of a first edition Wizard of OZ book.  “Pirates in OZ” 1931  $3. Score!


3. Long boring car ride, with nothing to look at but flat landscape and each other. 


4.  Rambling conversation…Eureka! 


5.  The hard part – many hours of work.  TaDa!


Just found out that this year is the 75th anniversary of the Wizard of OZ.  Didn’t know that.  Spooky. 


By the way, can you find the monkey?


an unexpected gift

We received, out of the blue, a beautiful gift in the park today. A small book of haiku. A poet appreciating the work of painters.  And, as it turns out, vice versa.

My favorite one:

Where you are, be Here

Otherwise you won’t be There

Wherever you go

Jim’s favorite:

Death is just a door

Closed and locked from the inside-

Light shines through the cracks

Thank you so much Mike Shaw. It made our day!

It was a beautiful, blustery day and there were lots of people sharing their art today in Rittenhouse Square.

If you happen to be in Philadelphia this weekend, stop by!

Rittenhouse Square Art Show this Weekend!

The  Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Annual show is this weekend, Friday-Sunday, September 20-22 in Philadelphia.

Hard to believe how many years we’ve been doing RSFAA shows.  Our daughter Julia is 24 this year.  The first year she attended a RSFAA show she was in a bassinet.  Yeah, the math is scary.

It’s always been one of our favorite shows. Besides the fact that Philly is just a great town for art in general, the Square is just a great place to spend an afternoon looking at art.  Shady places to sit and people watch. Great places to eat.  And did I mention art?   What’s not to love? The weather is going to be beautiful.   Can’t wait for my first cup of coffee and a croissant from the Metropolitan Bakery!

Hope you can join us!


this makes our boat float!

We had a very special delivery this week. This has been in the works for the past two years and we’ve kept really quiet about it (didn’t want to jinx it).  Very cool to have our our artwork featured on a wine label (we like wine…a lot). 

The Back Story:

Phone rings. It’s a young man calling from California. He has decided to produce wines under the name of Floating Boat Winery and was searching the Internet to find out if anyone else was using the name.  He runs into images of our floating boats.  Since his father is a Jungian psychologist, our references to Jung, the collective unconscious and archetypes really resonates with him. He wants to use our images for the labels for his wines.  He is enthusiastic, we are cautiously optimistic (maybe even a tiny bit skeptical initially). 

Sometimes you just have to have faith in the dreamers (after all we hold dreams in very high esteem). 

So, the bottle looks great (if we must say so ourselves), but how does the wine taste?  We’re getting  to that (saving the best ’till last) still admiring the bottle here. 

First of all, how cool is it that the label just has our painting on it?  Just the boat, no text going across the image , embossed so it really looks 3D.  Then turn over the bottle, pull out your smartphone and scan the QR code on the back. It takes you to this:


This is exactly what we imagined in our heads. 


This wine deserved a special occasion and location for a first tasting:



You know all that poetical stuff they write on the back of wine bottles to describe how wonderful it is?  Well this label isn’t lying. It is truly a wonderful wine.  We are honored to have our painting share a bottle with it. 

And it doesn’t stop here. Next comes the white!


Check out Floating Boat Winery