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In your dreams…

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“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent van Gogh

Obviously we aren’t the only artists who are inspired by their dreams.  We think it is especially important to cultivate a healthy sleep in order to access all those inspirations that take flight during the night.  Here is a list of some helpful sleepy time remedies to induce restfulness and dreams.

1. Chamomile tea might be the number one beverage of choice for us at nighttime to help with insomnia.  Chamomile is a soporific and helps you sleep restfully

2. Try reading the book Oneironautics: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming ..Very informative for the novice lucid dreamer

3. Make a small sleep pillow: equal parts dried chamomile, dried hops, dried lavender, dried roses, & 1-2 drops lavender essential oil.

4. A glass of warm milk with honey – one of the oldest remedies in the book

5. Found these two really wonderful products: Dream Weaver Mist from Fat & the Moon | Mugwort infused Dream Oil from Portland Apothecary.

6. Keep a dream journal next to the bed & start recording those visions!

If nothing on this list seems to work, maybe a good old-fashioned counting of sheep needs to take place 😉 Pleasant dreams tonight!

Posted by Jim and Lynn Lemyre on January 20, 2015
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  1. 01/20/2015

    Good work Jim ! I love it !

    A few more Dream-work suggestions…

    Slip your smart phone (digital recorder) under the pillow. When you wake from a dream, repeat your vision into it ! (Always transcribe it later into your Dream-book)

    One of things that prevents good sleep and dreaming is worry and over-thinking.

    A few recommendations:

    1) Every Night, write down just a few worries & plans for the next day (helps prevent worry & thought)

    2) Tell yourself that you WILL remember your dreams when you wake up . (It works !)

    3) Always Plan your dreams – draft one, no more than two, objectives for the night, a few examples:

    * Tonight I’ll dream about painting my flight as Soul above that lovely field

    * Tonight I’ll ask permission to study with my recently passed painterly Uncle (he might be busy!)

    * Tonight I’ll practice my water-color detail stroke with a 00 brush !

    * Tonight I’ll travel to Italy to review my Roman aqueduct landscape

    Remember, dreaming is our connection to the inner worlds, and a source for the highest creativity!

    Cheers mate!


    David Marcmann



    • 02/1/2015

      Hey Dave, It was nice to here from you and thanks for the reminders/ suggestions. I think flying is always my first choice when it comes to dreams…how about you?

      Hope all is well, Jim

      Sent from my iPad


  2. 01/22/2015

    I’ve noticed that the more I tell myself that I will remember my dreams, the more I do. Self-fulfilling prophecy..Thanks for the extra tips and feedback, Dave!


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