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The Other Side

surreal painting, boat, lovers boat ride, wine for two, wine, swan, surreal landscape, surreal boat

Valentine’s Day just passed so we thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect on the meaning of “The Other Side“.  There is definitely some romantic imagery at play here–swans, wine for two, a romantic boat ride.  Let’s take a closer look:

Emerging from the mist is the bow of the boat.  Two wine glasses and wine bottle sit patiently waiting to be enjoyed as a picture perfect landscape unfolds on the horizon.  There is a calmness that permeates the scene, as well as mystery.  Who is in the boat? Is the boat emerging from the mist or going into it? Is the boat submerged in the water or slightly floating above? The swan is a known symbol for love, balance, and union.  Although the swan is not swimming side by side with its partner, the mirrored image of the swan in the lake hints at the idea of balance and perhaps another swan on “the other side”.

The boat also seems to be on a journey going to the other side–and in fact has almost reached it by the looks of how close the landscape is.  As you view this piece you almost instinctively put yourself into the boat.  Where is your boat taking you?  Are you meeting someone on the other side or are you waiting for them?  This painting reflects on relationships, union, love, hope and faith.  Perhaps even the voyage of life into the unknown and what happens to those relationships we have had once we’re crossing over.  Although this idea of the unknown can scare us at times, this painting radiates a warm light that comforts and soothes.

Fun Fact: The label on the wine bottle is actually based off of the label for Floating Boat Winery.


I Should Be Meditating

surreal oil painting, illuminated tree, illumination, meditation, contemplation, nature, night time

The winter months are the perfect time for hibernation and contemplation.  It is a time for slowing down and nourishing our minds.  If you’re feeling guilty for not being as active and busy as normal, DONT!  It is okay to take time for yourself.  To ease this anxiety, we think it is important to meditate on why we feel the constant need to always be doing something.  Sometimes it is okay to just. slow. down.

For beginner and advanced meditators, check out this website to help you with guided meditation. I Should Be Meditating can help you get started on your own meditation practice or deepen your meditation through new outlooks on it.  Now rest and repeat!