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“Flying Dream 143”

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The most common dream that I have that ends up in a painting is a dream of flying. This is always accompanied by a feeling of adrenaline and is enjoyable. I usually take flight over a landscape, fields with some trees and occasionally it takes place off of a street in some unknown town. There have been several paintings and interpretations of these flight dreams.

“A Different Kind of Dreamer” depicts our daughter, Julia, flying in one of these landscapes of the imagination.

Fun Fact: As graceful as this flyer seems, in order to capture the essence of flight, Julia had to jump off a chair in our backyard.  This was done several times until we caught the right angle for the picture.  Must have been a funny sight for our neighbors.

Check out this lovely little ditty called “Flying Dream 143” by Elbow:

Posted by Jim and Lynn Lemyre on March 17, 2015

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