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We are collaborative painters.  It started as soon as we met with long talks about art, philosophy and concepts for paintings. As our relationship developed it was a natural progression for us to begin to create work together and we felt comfortable painting on the same canvas. Our synergy is fueled by intuition, conversation and criticism.

Working in oil, with meticulous attention to detail, we paint landscapes of the imagination on canvas and gessoed masonite panel. The painting becomes a meeting place, a threshold between the worlds of imagination and reality, dream and consciousness, the individual and the collective. Incongruent combinations, dual imagery and unlikely scenarios create moments of visual poetry and reveal hidden meanings.

The surrealist movement and the work of the psychologist Carl Jung are major influences on our painting. Surrealism taps into what Jung called the “collective unconscious” and hints at the mysterious connection we all have with each other. There are symbols that resonate across time and cultures. It is through metaphor that we get a glimpse of the universal and find our connection to other human beings, the world, and the eternal.

We invite the viewer to engage with the imagery to discover their own interpretation and to share it with us. It is art as dialogue rather than monologue, a fabric of conversation in which everyone is welcome to participate.

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  1. 01/13/2013

    I’m still fascinated by one of your early paintings: “After Hours” in the museum.

    • 01/18/2013

      Thanks so much. Wow, that’s one of our very early paintings! We try in all our paintings to set the stage for a story. Where the story goes is up to your imagination!

  2. 10/30/2015
    Sharon Thompson

    In 1999, we bought the Apology from you at a festival. We love this painting and have enjoyed it immensely over the last 15 years. Love the Dark Horse!

    • 10/30/2015

      Still one of our favorite paintings, and very personal. It came after a long dry period of not feeling inspired and got the creative juices flowing again. Nice to hear from you!


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